X-Yachts will update its most popular yacht

The X4.3, one of the Danish shipyard's most popular models ever, is currently undergoing a major upgrade.

This model was first introduced in 2016. Since then, over 100 boats have been sold worldwide through the X-Yachts international dealer network. You can find X4.3 in Australia, Argentina, USA, Canada, all over Europe, as well as in Russia and China. This is indeed a very popular solution that has earned a lot of positive feedback from the owners.

According to design and engineering director Thomas Mielec, the model being developed today by the company can be described as a smaller version of the X56, after the launch of which the company saw opportunities for the new generation X4.3. We can say that there is a process of natural evolution.

The main changes will affect the shape of the hull, which will become slightly wider at the stern, making the cockpit and aft cabin more spacious. When developing the contours, solutions were used that were used for the X56 and showed their best side.

The height of the mast has increased, and therefore the area of the sails, thanks to which the X4.3 will now be able to demonstrate better results. The deck and the shape of the superstructure were also changed, and much attention was paid not only to aesthetics, but also to practicality. In particular, improved visibility for the helmsman and ventilation of the interior.

As for the space below deck, they decided not to redo it much, guided by the principle “why change what works optimally”. The changes here are rather cosmetic - the width of the berths in the aft cabin has been slightly increased, tables and washbasins have been improved, and some interior details have been redone. 

The updated model will be demonstrated to the general public in January 2022.

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