The flagship of the Admiral's fleet, the motor yacht Planet Nine, whose length exceeds 73 meters, has been launched again.

Recently, an explorer yacht visited Tsikanthos, sailing into the shipwreck bay. It was built a couple of years ago at an Italian shipyard, and Planet Nine was recently refurbished at a plant in Monaco.

Design work on the design of the vessel was carried out by Hampshire designer Tim Heywood. He was assisted by the German studio Fritz Interior. A yacht was built for traveling around the world and all kinds of adventures. It is very roomy - it can load up to 2.1 thousand tons, and hardy thanks to the steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

The yacht has two Caterpillar engines, the total power of both is 550 hp. This allows you to accelerate, if necessary, to a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. Without refueling, a yacht with a full tank can sail up to 6,000 nautical miles. The draft exceeds 3.6 m, and the beam is almost 13 m.

The yacht has five decks, you can get from one to the other either with the help of steps or using one of the two elevators. The design of the yacht inside is very reminiscent of a luxury villa. There is a platform for a helicopter. Thanks to her tender abilities, she will be comfortable even while traveling around Greenland.

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