Cuba will soon begin to receive tourists from different countries, including from Russia.

Russia is ready to open flights as soon as possible, especially since the island has an excellent situation with coronavirus - one of the best in the world. According to not yet official information, Cuba will be open from mid-September, and officially all data on dates, flights and other nuances will be announced in the second half of August.

The island is home to 11.5 million people and fewer than 250 cases of coronavirus have been recorded. That is, according to rough estimates, only 2 people out of a hundred thousand get sick, and Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said in mid-July that Russia was ready to open a message to those countries where the incidence is not more than 40 people per hundred thousand.

The data should be the same for two weeks, and the increase in cases per day should be no more than 1 p.p. on the number of infected people. But Cuba, unlike many other countries, is coping well with the coronavirus. Over the entire period of the pandemic, a little more than 2.7 thousand cases of the disease were registered there, and only 88 cases were fatal.

Direct flights to Havana are already being planned for 16 September and beyond. The first flights will cost more than usual - about 25 thousand rubles per ticket, but, most likely, the increase will not last long until flights return to normal, moreover, besides Aeroflot, these flights will most likely be operated by other carriers.

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