BARTech and Yara Marine are working on a unique rigid sail technology

BARTech and Yara Marine are working on a unique rigid sail technology for commercial vessels.

BARTech, a marine engineering consultancy, and Yara Marine, a leader in emissions reduction systems for the marine sector, have signed an exclusive agreement to design and implement wind turbines for the global shipping industry.

The jointly developed product will be called WindWings. It is expected that the WindWings system will be implemented for the first time on a vessel of the American company Cargill, which is expected to be launched in 2022. Hard sail technology will save up to 30% of fuel.

The main tasks of Yara Marine under the terms of the contract will be: the sale of WindWings to ship owners around the world, the management of production and marketing processes that are associated with procurement, construction, installation and training of personnel in the operation of WindWings, as well as ensuring the availability of technology around the world.

In order to ensure a smooth release of the technology to the global market, BARTech, Cargill and other project participants are in constant dialogue with the DNV committee to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the product, as well as to obtain confirmation of its compliance with technical regulations.

To address the need to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping, WindWings is proposing a reduction in fuel consumption for bulk carriers, tankers and other large vessels up to 30% by combining wind power with route optimization. The system involves the installation of large solid sails on the deck of watercraft, reaching 45 meters in height.

Under the terms of the agreement, Yara and BAR Tech will jointly supply WindWings to international companies, while BAR Tech will retain the right to innovate WindWings and develop efficient wind solutions.

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