Unique berths will be created at the Ivankovsky reservoir

This summer, in the village of Yekaterinovka on the Ivankovsky reservoir, a unique project for the construction of berths was launched.

The project combines two main tasks - to preserve the natural edges of the banks of the Upper Volga and to avoid affecting the spawning processes of river inhabitants.

The concept of the project implies the construction of individual coastal structures for each house. When they worked on the document five years ago, it was assumed that the berths would be built according to the most popular method - on screw piles filled with concrete.

However, later the developer decided to go the other way. After studying the village, it was decided to use more modern technologies. This option will be an order of magnitude more expensive, but it minimizes the risks to flora and fauna that may arise when using conventional piles.

Since river traffic on the Volga is rapidly developing, safety must come first. Now the developer, Retail LLC, together with government agencies, are developing a plan for safe movement in this region, which, in particular, provides for the passage of heavy ships.              

At the moment, about 300 berths have been built in the water area of the Ivankovskoye reservoir, in which more than 100 small boats can stop. The structures are built by the specialists of the manufacturing plant, who also carry out diving operations.     

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