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With the onset of a colder winter compared to last year, the popularity of winter fishing has risen sharply on the eve of the New Year holidays

Demand for ice fishing products in November-December 2020 increased by 250% year-on-year. The most popular products among anglers were ice screws (an increase in sales in pieces in November-December by 20 times year on year), spinners (by 3 times) and fishing line (by 7 times), leashes - garters for hooks (by 40 times), fishing feeders (22 times), hooks (18 times), slingshots (13 times), cages (11 times), kukans (12 times) and boxes for fishing accessories (8 times).

It is noteworthy that the most popular fishing rod models among Russians in November and December were miniature models with a whip length of 10 to 15 cm and handles made of cork or wood, which is considered the most suitable option for winter fishing.

In order to equip a fishing place, Russians purchase tourist chairs (4 times larger), awnings (3 times), sports lights (3 times) to illuminate the fishing spot, gas heaters (12 times) and stoves (10 times) .

In November, winter equipment also became more popular, which allows you to keep warm during long fishing trips: sales of thermal overalls, which allow you not to catch a cold in your lower back, in November increased by 25 times year on year, thermal shirts - 5 times, thermal socks began to be purchased 6 times. times more often, and thermal sets - 3 times. As shoes suitable for fishing, Russians purchased warm moon rover boots (+85%), rubber boots (+68%), demand for felt boots (+21%) and ice boots (+26%) grew.

The most dynamically growing product groups such as thermoses (+88%), dry bags (+252%), thermal bags (+137%), thermal food containers (+187%), thermo mugs (+118% ).


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