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The river yacht club in St. Petersburg did not agree with the proposal of the city authorities to sell property on the Petrovsky Spit at a price of 250 to 310 million rubles.

Representatives of the federation of trade unions announced that they had developed their own concept for the reconstruction of the club, which provides for the creation of a sports and recreation complex, a training base for athletes, and the organization of cultural zones that are publicly accessible to all citizens. The authors of the project were the architects of the Intercolumnium studio Evgenia Podgornova.

In a response to Smolny, the management of the yacht club said that the area on the Petrovsky Spit would be used only in the interests of local residents, tourists, yachtsmen and sailing enthusiasts. The trade union is ready to launch a yacht club modernization project to promote yacht tourism and water sports in the region. The letter also says that if the city has a different, more optimal plan for the modernization of the territory, LFP and FNPR "River Yacht Club of Trade Unions of St. Petersburg" would like to get acquainted with it in detail.   

The head of the LFP, Vladimir Derbin, noted that several options for the reconstruction of the yacht club were presented to the City Council, but all of them were rejected. Durbin added that the trade union is ready to independently modernize the territory, but Smolny does not allow it. If a Petersburg administration will offer another, more advanced concept, then the LFP will agree to sell, but the price should not be taken from the ceiling.

The head of the "River Yacht Club of St. Petersburg Trade Unions" Vadim Epishin noted that the plan for the development of the territory was estimated at 8 billion rubles. It is expected that funds for its implementation will be borrowed by Vnesheconombank secured by FI assets. Epishin added that to date there are no agreements with the financial institution yet. It is also possible that the project will be financed by VTB Bank.

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