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The administration of St. Petersburg plans to allocate funding to the yacht club and completely transform the sports facility.

The Physical Culture and Sports Committee of the Leningrad administration sent a letter to the head of the Federation of Trade Unions, Vladimir Derbin, with a proposal to sell the yacht club located on the Petrovsky Spit for 250-310 million rubles.

Now the yacht club is assigned to the LFP on the right of perpetual use, however, there are not enough funds for its maintenance and improvement, and the territory needs to be urgently modernized. Therefore, the city administration wants to allocate funds from the budget and transform the facility.   

The letter says that in the event of a buyout, the yacht club will continue to be used as a sports and recreation center, and will also be available to yachtsmen, athletes and ordinary citizens without restrictions. All organizations that operate on the territory of the Petrovsky Spit will be able to continue their work. At the same time, officials are confident that over time, full-fledged professional training in sailing and powerboating can be organized on the spit.         

The head of the LFP, Durbin, confirmed that a letter with a proposal to “consider the possibility” of selling the club from the physical education and sports committee had indeed arrived. The next week the trade union will decide on the answer and report it to Smolny.   

Now on the territory of the yacht club there are: the central building, a cold boathouse with a children's sailing school, a warm boathouse near Rabochaya Harbor and a blue hangar. All these objects are estimated preliminary at 250-310 million rubles.


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