Rospotrebnadzor named three countries safe for tourists

The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection presented data from a weekly analysis of the epidemiological situation abroad and reported that at the moment in most countries, including Europe, there is an aggravation of the situation with the Chinese virus, and only 3 out of 16 states can be considered safe. with which Russia resumed flights.

The safest places to visit are the Seychelles, Tanzania and Ethiopia. There, all epidemiological parameters are at an acceptable level: the average daily rate of increase in cases in two weeks is not more than 0.1%, the spread of the virus is not more than 1.0, and the incidence in two weeks per 100,000 people does not exceed 40 cases. No cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported in Tanzania over the past two weeks.

Two of the three criteria are met by such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Cuba, the Republic of Maldives, one of the three - by Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Japan. A particularly difficult epidemiological situation is observed in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and Turkey. The largest number of infected per 100 thousand people was recorded in Serbia - 1450.3 and Turkey - 529.3.

In connection with this situation, Rospotrebnadzor urges tourists to choose the safest countries from a sanitary point of view for travel and not to forget about the observance of preventive measures - wearing masks, using disinfectants, maintaining social distance.                     

In turn, the country's authorities urge Russian citizens to refrain from visiting foreign countries for a while and spend the New Year holidays at home.

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