Thailand will halve the duration of quarantine for vaccinated tourists -

The Thai government also decided to reduce the period of mandatory isolation for tourists vaccinated against coronavirus infection from 14 to 7 days.

At a press conference with reporters, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom, Anutin Charnvirankul, noted that from April, vacationers who plan to fly to Thailand must be vaccinated no later than 90 days before arriving in the country. In addition, foreigners must provide a certificate of absence of coronavirus based on the results of testing made no later than 72 hours before departure to the kingdom, as well as a certificate of a negative test for COVID-19, made immediately after arrival.

Tourists who have not been vaccinated, but have documents confirming the absence of the Chinese virus, will be placed in a 10-day quarantine. Anutin added that citizens from Africa are still obliged to be in isolation for two weeks.  

At the moment, the tourism industry in Thailand is experiencing a severe crisis - the number of tourists over the past year has decreased from 40-50 thousand people to several hundred a day. In this regard, the government has developed and launched a yacht tourism program, which provides for mandatory quarantine on board a comfortable yacht.

In particular, all travelers arriving on vacation in Thailand will be able to spend isolation on a yacht or a small liner. At the same time, they will have to comply with certain conditions: firstly, they will have to provide a negative test for coronavirus, and secondly, they will have to wear a “smart bracelet” that monitors body temperature and blood pressure, and also shows geolocation.

The authorities of the kingdom expect that such a program of yacht tourism will provide an opportunity to replenish the state budget of Thailand by $58 million.


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