In Dubai, a party guest had to swim to shore for 2 hours

A party on a luxury yacht for 27-year-old Indian citizen Rajiv Vakani almost ended in tragedy.

After he accidentally fell off a pleasure boat, he had to swim to shore for two hours to save his life.

According to the victim, the rented vessel left Dubai Marina in the evening and went to the coastal waters of Dubai. All the party guests decided to go up to the upper deck and Wakani went with them, but accidentally slipped and fell overboard.

None of those present on the boat heard the young man's cries for help. Also, there were no other yachts nearby. The young guy waited a few minutes in the hope that his disappearance would be noticed and the boat would stop, but this did not happen. The yacht was quickly out of sight.

Seeing the lights of the Burj Al Arab hotel in the distance, the guy swam into their light. He managed to get to land in 2 hours. During a grueling voyage, an Indian lost his mobile phone and camera in the water. Having reached the shore, he asked passers-by to contact his relatives. I also found out that the guests of the party had already reported him missing to the police.

According to Rajeev Wakani, good physical fitness, regular visits to the gym and some knowledge of survival techniques that he learned from TV programs helped him survive.   

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