Singapore cruise to nowhere canceled due to coronavirus on board

The cruise ship Quantum of the Seas has suspended its voyage "to nowhere" and returned to Singapore harbor after one of the tourists was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

According to the CNA publishing house, citing the company that organized the tour, on the third day of the cruise, the Singapore liner was forced to return to the port, as a Chinese virus was detected among the passengers.

Quantum of the Seas is a member of the Singapore Government's Safe Cruise to Nowhere project. The liner was supposed to go to the open sea and, after four days of sailing, return to the harbor without calling at other ports.

After the coronavirus was detected on board, all crew members and passengers, which is approximately 2 thousand people, were isolated in their cabins. Tourists will be allowed to go ashore only after the contacts of the infected person are fully established. Before leaving the ship, all passengers will also be required to take a rapid test for COVID-19.

An employee of Royal Caribbean, the organizer of the trip to nowhere, said that the next flight will take place at the scheduled time - December 10. But passengers who have purchased cruise tickets have the opportunity to return them or change them to a more convenient date.   

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